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What is Anthros’ commitment to being environmentally conscious?
What is Anthros’ commitment to being environmentally conscious?
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At Anthros, we are deeply committed to being environmentally conscious. We understand the importance of keeping waste out of landfills, and that's why we have taken extensive measures to ensure that our chairs are designed with sustainability in mind.

Testing: Testing is a crucial aspect of our commitment. Our Anthros chair goes above and beyond industry standards, exceeding a weight capacity of 300 lbs. We have also provided a full 12-year warranty, including fabrics, to ensure that the chair lasts. By pushing the chair to this level, we aim to keep it out of landfills and provide long-term value. At the end of its life, the chair can be refreshed and given a new lease on life.

Plastics: When it comes to materials, we have made careful choices to support our environmental goals. The majority of the structural plastic parts on our chairs are made of virgin Nylon 6, ensuring the necessary stability to support users over the chair's lifespan. These plastic parts can be re-ground or recycled when the chair reaches the end of its life. Additionally, we use fully recyclable polypropylene for other plastic components.

Foam: The seat, seat backs, and armrests of our chairs are made of molded polyurethane foam. This foam is exceptionally durable, even surpassing a full life of sitting. When needed, the foam can be re-covered with fabric and redeployed. At the true end of life, polyurethane foam is also recyclable.

Upholstery: Our upholstery materials have been carefully selected for both durability and environmental performance. For example, our Gabriel Shape Knit upholstery is 3D knitted to the exact shape of our cushions, leaving no scrap or waste behind. In terms of leather alternatives, we chose the Camira Port family for its durability and cleanability. This option also meets the requirements of Prop 65 and AB-2998 compliance.

Other materials: In terms of other materials, the main component is the steel used in the chair mechanism, which can be easily recycled.

At Anthros, we believe in the longevity of our products. We have intentionally designed our chairs to exceed the 12-year warranty, ensuring that they have a usable life beyond that. To accommodate changing design preferences, the backs of our chairs can be quickly and easily swapped out. Furthermore, the seats and back covers can be replaced to refresh the chair, allowing it to continue serving its purpose long after the initial purchase.

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